Sunday, December 25, 2011

My white Christmas !

Hello my Gorgeous readers!

I just want to say Happy Holidays and hope everyone enjoyed their holiday vacation with great food, top shelf drinks , a killer outfit and most important with your loved ones! Since I gave up hoping for a "white Christmas" in Miami, I figured I could make my own white christmas via fashion! I decided to go with a feminine and delicate look with selected bolds for the right balance of whimsical and Chic . These fitted High waisted skirts with detailed lining come in all colors at Forever 21 for $8.50! Found the lace knit top and lace stockings there too! I've been inspired by Chanel, Alice in Wonderland, and Oscar De La Renta's SS collection simply for the strong embrace of femininity this season! My closet has a lot of off whites as of late so I got these cut-out peep-toe eggshell-white suede heels at Bloomingdales for the perfect look every time!

With Love,

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