Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Betsey Johnson's meet & greet

Hello my gorgeous people!

A few weeks ago, i stood in line for 2 hours so I can meet the beautiful and eccentric, Betsey Johnson at her "Meet & Greet" here in South Florida. Luckily, my editor from Joonbug told me about it and I rushed over there. Even though being surrounded by too many girls made me almost plot my own death, it was all worth it. Draped in her latest nautical romantic collections, her lovely assistants catered the guests with heart shaped cookies and irresistible sweets. After waiting in line with my mother who later grew impatient and decided to visit BCBG right next door, I was finally in the store. Colorful balloons filled the ceiling and the latest of katy Perry and Deadmau5 blew from the DJ's speakers. Two girls dressed in nothing but nautical swimwear showcased their artfully inked bodies and welcomed me in. Betsey was a doll and answered all my questions with enthusiasm. Maybe asking her to do a cartwheel for me was too much so I refrained from asking the favor and took a picture with her.

With Love, Nikki

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