Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miami Art Basel

On the last day on one of the most famous international art events held worldwide, I was finally able to attend Miami Art Basel this past weekend. Sister of the Basel held in switzerland in June, Miami hosts more than 100 exhibits and thousands of art work is exhibited all week long. Young artists, performers and Masters of Art come from around the world and display their exhibits. Art collectors also come with a check book and ready to buy pieces worth thousands of dollars. From contemporary, to conceptual to video art was exhibited, covering Wynwood district, Design district, Collins Avenue, Brickell, Midtown, and FIU's Wolfsonian (Art Museum) along with many other sectors of miami. If you're a smart miamian and planning to attend all exhibits, you probably parked your car and took the public transit to and from which was free the whole week. Two hours and several road confrontations later, we had finally made it to Miami Convention Center and the first thing we did was stuff our faces with sushi and white-chocalate dipped pretzel. Then, it was like a warp. As soon as we crossed the gate, you were in a different world. Pieces that reached as high as the ceiling, pieces in motion and video art along with bright colors and textures. Also, nothing like coming across different styles of the people that come to Miami. Enjoy my very own collection of my favorite pieces that inspired me! ^_^  
song by Passion Pit - Sleepy head

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