Thursday, September 29, 2011

China Update!

Hey Guys,

I'm so sorry I haven't updated you guys on the remainder of my China trip, I'm out the whole day and when I get back to the hotel, all I wanna do is shower and sleep! I'll post about the past three days when I have some free time but for now you can enjoy this beautiful piece of art that I saw in the airport as soon as I walked out of customs :)

With love, Reem

Monday, September 26, 2011

Greetings from China

Nihau lovies! (Nihau is Chinese for Hello)
I'm in China :) aaah I can't believe I'm here, it's such a beautiful country, we arrived in the afternoon and after arriving to our hotel, showering n relaxing, we got ready to hit the city.

Beijing Road is like Times Square, the buildings, the rush of the people, the billboards, and the LIGHTS! I looove it, walking around and seeing all these Chinese signs is so cool! And did I mention the fashion in this place? So many fashionable women walking around, I tried to snap a pic but they're walking by too fast and since I don't really know their culture, I did not want to offend them by asking them if I can take a pic. I'll try my best to catch a quick pic the rest of my time here but for now let me just describe it for you :p there was high heels, low heels, sandals and flats, each one more fascinating than the other and most women were wearing dresses and skirts, in so many different colors it's fabulous! All the dresses were light materials like silk, chiffon and lace but the way they put it together just looks so glamorous, I really didn't know what to expect with Chinese fashion but I must say I am impressed.

My first meal here was dinner and we had sushi, I know what you're thinking Japanese cuisine in China? Lol but I had some Chinese rice so that's good right? But no it's really hard to find a good Chinese place to eat here because almost all the places only have pork and I don't eat pork so I have to settle with foods I can eat. Anywho the food was amazing and you'll notice from the pics below, also at the restaurant I noticed a girl with a crown on her head, I dunno if it was her birthday or that's just her style but as I continued to look at her, her shoes stood out to me, cute little beige low heels with shiny anklets on each side, I must have her shoes and I'm not leaving China till I find them :p I snapped a pic of the shoes but it's kinda blurry, I hope u can still see that they're cute tho.

After dinner we walked around and shopped a little then headed back to the hotel. I'll dedicate a post to all the goodies I bought when I get back. And that concludes my 1st day in China :)

With Love, Reem

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm going to China! :)

Hello Lovies,
As I sip on my rooibos tea from Starbucks waiting till take off, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to China! I'm so excited, I've never been and I'm so ready to experience their culture and SHOPPING :) definitely blogging about this when I get back, I'll try to blog on the go but if not, a recap will be provided upon arrival.
With love, Reem

Sunday, September 18, 2011

NYFW - Day 2

At our last day in NYC me and my sister decided to explore the city! A whole day of walking around and taking pictures in Times Square was in store for us :) We got off the subway at a perfect spot as right in front of us was the fashion center with a HUGE needle and button, and a metal statue of a man sewing on his sewing machine... and so the photography began :p 
It then started to snow a little as we strolled down Fashion Avenue
and down New York's Fashion Walk of Fame "Fashion Walk of Fame celebrates excellence in American design by honoring the New York designers who have had a significant and lasting impact on the way the world dresses." aaah one day my name will be here :p

After some strolling and more picture taking we stopped at Starbucks to relax and rest our feet before we hit the city once again.
I had to update my tweeps on my adventure :p
We then came across a funky looking/artsy macaroon bakery/shop and since I have never had a macaroon before, I had to try one, it was soo yummy! If any of you have never tried one before, you must!
 After visiting M&M's World we entered American Eagle where we got our picture taken for our 15 seconds of fame :p Basically when you buy something from them, they take a pic of you and display it on one of the billboards in Times Square! How cool is that? 
Voila! us on a billboard haha (New York Loves Us!)
and that concludes my NYFW weekend/adventure. It was an amazing experience and I just can't wait till I'm in New York again, the city inspires you!
With Love, Reem

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion Show

Last night I stayed up just to watch the Live Stream of the Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion Show. It was 1am here in Bahrain and even though I was tired I stayed up just to screen shot pieces from the collection for you guys! The show was so cute Betsey is such a cute designer and her energy is just Amazing. Before the models strutted down the runway she gave them a pep talk "Have a great time out there, be killers... Rock the shit out of this show!...You can do no wrong, just enjoy the show!" How cute was her speech? Betsey is so lively and just loves to have FUN! Her Collection consisted of Cheetah prints, Pink, Glitter, Floral and Lace. Her idea for the collection was Sexy, Fun, Flirty. "It's not about the clothes, it's about the Lady wearing the clothes" Since there was way too many pics, I have compiled them all in a slideshow for you guys. Enjoy!

 Betsey's Daughter Lulu opened for the Show!
One of my Favorite pieces! I just LOVE the print
2nd Favorite piece! CHEETAH

With Love, Reem

NYFW- The Academy of Art Fashion Show

After a day of exploring the city we needed to head back to the hotel to glam n dress up for the fashion show. It was hard picking an outfit to wear since the weather was freezing cold, pantyhose and boots were a must! After dressing up and putting our coats on we headed out and into the Lincoln Center. As you walk in you see the most fashionable people all in one room. We checked our coats in and wandered around till the show started, the room was filled with different sponsors with goodies for the guests; Starbucks, Maybelline, TRESemm√©, Fiji Water were among the few that were present. Each station offered something different. Starbucks was giving out free Frappuccinos, Maybelline was giving makeovers, and TRESemm√© was doing hair. It was then time for the show to start! We quickly took our seats and noticed a little crowd on the runway, Miss Jay and Nigel Barker were being interviewed as fans were surrounding them to take pics. I quickly got up and joined them and you can see the pics below! 

What i didn't notice is that Marc Jacobs was also present at the show, I can't believe I didn't notice he was there at all! I only noticed as I was looking through my pictures to prepare this post for you that as I was taking a picture of a model strutting down the runway that there he was in the background, sitting front row! aaah I still can't believe i missed him, I soo would've taken a pic with him.

Anywho the show was amazing, and consisted of collections by 7 different graduates, each had their own unique style to portray. Among my favorites were Minha Yoon, Stephanie Gelot, Hurst Chang-Wei Lin, Jonathan David Baker, and Aura Taylor. You'll find pics from some of the designers below. 
This was my FAVORITE piece from the whole show! Its by Aura Taylor (Beige Wool)
I don't know who this lady is but she was dressed funny and my sis just had to take a pic with her lol
LOOOVE her dress!

After the show concluded we wandered around some more and got to contribute our own personal video message to the Fashion World Live project, it's a project worldwide where they video guests around the world during Fashion Week and allow them to give a personal message, the video is then played live on a big screen during Fashion Week around the world. How cool is that? We also got to see Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2011 Collection of Handbags before it's out!
Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 Collection

And that pretty much sums up our night at Fashion Week. Stay Tuned for my post on Day 2 of NYFW ;)

With love, Reem   

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashions Night Out Miami 2011

Aventura Mall
Miami welcomed a new year of fashion by participating in the 3rd annual Fashion's Night Out on Thursday night by opening it's top shops to our fashion fiends. All over the world, beautifully adorned people came virtually together to celebrate our passion for fashion and our terrible need of expressing it over cocktails and retail sales. Over 75 retailers participated in this one night of complete indulgence and celebration of decades of great fashion. Me and my girlfriend, Yoshi, rated Miami's Aventura Mall as we scouted for complimentary champagne and of course, cookies! I was in a daze as the DJ spun to a Pitbull club mix in Neiman Marcus while we walked through the shoe department analyzing, critiquing and admiring stilettos like an art gallery. I tried Oh S0 HaRd not to touch them with my frost-smudged fingers from stuffing my face with bite-sized cupcakes. Seriously, whoever thought of distributing sweets to a bunch of fashion fiends ready to spurge is a genius.  Every store had their own complimentary goodies and welcomed all the fashionistas as they raided through sales. Later that night after practically overdosing on cupcakes, we showed face at the Bal Harbour shops. We figured we we'd pay tribute to the night as much as we could ^_^ . The Bal Harbour crowd was a little more high-end and photographers were scoping out any high-profile attendees. Of course, by the last half of the night, gentlemen had loosened up their silk skinny ties and ladies had an extra lean to their catwalk (alchies!). Nevertheless, it was a successful night for us.

Yoshi getting a Blo on the Go 


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