Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy National Day Bahrain

It's Bahrain's 40th Birthday! 40 years of the lil island which is a dot on the world map lol. My hometown, my Bahrain. Now most of you have already seen all the decorations in Bahrain, whether you're living in Bahrain and drove around the country or you've seen pics on Twitter or Facebook. This post will not feature any of that, instead this post will feature pics that I (Reem) have taken of beautiful scenes in the country. I hope you enjoy this post and the great pics I have taken :)

Oh yah and to get all patriotic I added a touch of Bahrain to my nails :p 

And Google is also celebrating Bahrain's National Day :p

With Love, Reem 


Anonymous said...

interesting post on bahrain!

2broads1city said...

Thank You! :)

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