Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest Blogger Meghavarshini from Stilettos Diary

Hey Luvies,

We're having our first ever Guest Blogger post! For those of you not familiar with what a guest blogger post is, it's actually a post from another blogger that gets posted on your blog, you basically switch blog posts. I've been wanting to do a guest blogger post for a while now and thanks to the lovely Megha from Stilettos Diary, it was possible :) Check out her post below and head on over to her blog here to see my post on her blog!

Take it away Megha...

Hello everyone. My name is Meghavarshini (yes very long name! :( for those wondering why I have been blessed with such a long name is because it means rain and my father loves the rain). I am a fashion blogger from Bangalore, India. My blog is called Stilettos Diary. (My passion for collecting footwear inspired me to name my blog Stilettos Diary)

I love fashion. My passion for fashion made me start my own blog. My clothes are a reflection of my personality – quirky, elegant, simple and yet fashionable.I do not like to fill my closet. I feel fashion is an art and I like to reuse all the clothes in my closet to the fullest to create new looks.

 I am a huge fan of primary colors especially red. Most of my looks have a tinge of red. 

My favorite items from my closet are - my hidesign bag, zebra print pumps, faux snakeskin bag, Red peacoat, red pumps (I am totally a shoe fanatic) , faux fur vest , green cardigan and my mustard top.

Thanks Reem for being patient and for this wonderful opportunity. Hope you guys like my favorite picks from my wardrobe and the photos.

Please do check out my blog

 I would love to know your opinion about my blog and my looks. :) 

Loads of love,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

What I Wore for Christmas Eve

Hey Luvies,

Merry Christmas! Hope Everyone is enjoying the holidays with family, friends and loved ones. Just a post to show you all what I wore this christmas :) While shopping for an outfit my sister saw this cute lace green dress, I just had to try it on n voila I had a christmas dress! I accented my dress with simple gold jewelry, black stockings, nude gold heels from zara, and had a pop of red lips for that christmassy color and grey nails.  The host of the christmas party last night looked rather dashing as well in a white lace dress with pearls, brown belt and shoes, check out her outfit below too :)

I love how we were both wearing lace and gold ;)

With love, Reem

My white Christmas !

Hello my Gorgeous readers!

I just want to say Happy Holidays and hope everyone enjoyed their holiday vacation with great food, top shelf drinks , a killer outfit and most important with your loved ones! Since I gave up hoping for a "white Christmas" in Miami, I figured I could make my own white christmas via fashion! I decided to go with a feminine and delicate look with selected bolds for the right balance of whimsical and Chic . These fitted High waisted skirts with detailed lining come in all colors at Forever 21 for $8.50! Found the lace knit top and lace stockings there too! I've been inspired by Chanel, Alice in Wonderland, and Oscar De La Renta's SS collection simply for the strong embrace of femininity this season! My closet has a lot of off whites as of late so I got these cut-out peep-toe eggshell-white suede heels at Bloomingdales for the perfect look every time!

With Love,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


After much anticipation I can finally share the great news! 
I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK! Ahh I can't believe my Dream is actually becoming a reality, it has always been my dream to live in New York. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, every time I'm there I get this feeling that I can't get anywhere else, that feeling of inspiration, that feeling that makes u feel like u can conquer the world! Thats how New York makes me feel. 

Aaaaah I can't believe it, I Reem have been accepted to Fashion Institute of Technology's Fashion Design Program, the 2nd Top Fashion School in the US, The 5th Top Fashion School in the world! The Fashion School Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Carolina Herrera graduated from. That school ladies and gentlemen is the school I got accepted to =D the way I'm feeling right now is unexplainable, hard work definitely pays off and when you want something this bad, you do whatever it takes to get it. I worked on their application for over a month, I had to submit a portfolio that took me a month to work on, I was under pressure and stressed and I've been impatiently waiting 5 months for this moment but it's finally here. 2012 is going to be an amazing year, it's going to be MY YEAR! I'm going to be living my dream of becoming a Fashion Designer in New York!  

Dreams do come true, you just gotta want it bad enough to make it happen. Only you can take charge of your dreams and turn them into a reality! ;) 

With Love, Reem

P.S. I'll be posting about my portfolio in another post so stay tuned! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Top Beauty Products - Eyes

Hey Luvies,

Im continuing my Top Beauty Products, this time I'm telling you about my favorite products for the Eyes.

I was introduced to MICABELLA after one of my friends couldn't stop bragging about their products, she dragged me to the mall to see for myself, it was true I ended up buying more than I expected. MICABELLA is a cosmetics company selling Mineral Based products for eyes to face to lips. I love their Eye Primer, Ive had this primer for over a year now probably even longer and it still hasn't finished! I just use my fingers and dab it all over my eyelid. Ive bought some of their eye shadows too but haven't gotten around to photographing them so I'll be doing a separate post on their eyeshadows :p

Now I bought this product over 2 years ago and I bought it in the US, but you can check out their website for more details on where you can get it and also check out their other products 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy National Day Bahrain

It's Bahrain's 40th Birthday! 40 years of the lil island which is a dot on the world map lol. My hometown, my Bahrain. Now most of you have already seen all the decorations in Bahrain, whether you're living in Bahrain and drove around the country or you've seen pics on Twitter or Facebook. This post will not feature any of that, instead this post will feature pics that I (Reem) have taken of beautiful scenes in the country. I hope you enjoy this post and the great pics I have taken :)

My Top 2 Beauty Products - Face

Hey Luvies,

So I've been taking photos of my Beauty products for a Beauty post but since I ended up taking too many photos I decided that I am going to blog about them in separate posts starting with my top 2 Beauty products for the Face :)

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Cream

Let me tell you how much I love this product! I got introduced to it when I got a sample after buying a few things from Clinique, I just had to buy one as soon as my sample finished. I have dry skin so moisturizing my face for me is a must! Now when it comes to face creams I don't like creams that leave my face all oily, I want a cream that moisturizes my skin but a cream that my skin quickly soaks up giving it a matte finish and this is exactly what Clinique's Moisture Surge does! It's perfect for applying any time of day, before and after makeup. I usually apply it right before makeup and I love that my skin quickly soaks it up and I can immediately apply makeup. It really moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling fresh! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kardashians' Siblings to Launch Jewelry Line


Hey Luvies,

Just wanted to share the news of Kendall and Kylie Jenner teaming up with Glamhouse to launch their own jewelry line which will be released next fall! I'm kinda excited for the collection =D I have no idea what to expect but I'm sure it will be something fun. Kendall and Kylie have great style so I'm sure their jewelry will be just as Fab.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Arab Fashion

Hey Luvies,

The Arab Fashion post is here again! I had so much fun snapping pics of fashionable outfits the last time that I just had to do another post, and as I mentioned in the other post this will be a monthly post :) So all you readers out there if you are Arab and think you're outfit is stylish, send us a pic 2broads1city(at)gmail(dot)com and you might be featured in our monthly post :) I would also like to thank some of my friends who sent me pics of their outfits thx guys I appreciate it ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miami Art Basel

On the last day on one of the most famous international art events held worldwide, I was finally able to attend Miami Art Basel this past weekend. Sister of the Basel held in switzerland in June, Miami hosts more than 100 exhibits and thousands of art work is exhibited all week long. Young artists, performers and Masters of Art come from around the world and display their exhibits. Art collectors also come with a check book and ready to buy pieces worth thousands of dollars. From contemporary, to conceptual to video art was exhibited, covering Wynwood district, Design district, Collins Avenue, Brickell, Midtown, and FIU's Wolfsonian (Art Museum) along with many other sectors of miami. If you're a smart miamian and planning to attend all exhibits, you probably parked your car and took the public transit to and from which was free the whole week. Two hours and several road confrontations later, we had finally made it to Miami Convention Center and the first thing we did was stuff our faces with sushi and white-chocalate dipped pretzel. Then, it was like a warp. As soon as we crossed the gate, you were in a different world. Pieces that reached as high as the ceiling, pieces in motion and video art along with bright colors and textures. Also, nothing like coming across different styles of the people that come to Miami. Enjoy my very own collection of my favorite pieces that inspired me! ^_^  
song by Passion Pit - Sleepy head

Monday, December 5, 2011

I Designed a Logo for Bahraini Blogs!

Hey Luvies,

Been working on this for a few days but the day has finally come to Launch @BahrainiBlogs =D Bahraini Blogs is a Twitter account bringing you Twitter updates of blogs in Bahrain. I was fortunate enough to work with Bahrainipreneur, after all the idea was all theirs. I designed the Logo and Twitter background and was so excited for the launch today! Check out Bahraini Blogs and Follow on Twitter @BahrainiBlogs :)

Bahrainipreneur's post on launching @BahrainiBlogs - Bahrainipreneur هني في البحرين: Launching @BahrainiBlogs

With Love,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 & Costume Illustrations

Watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and all I can say is one word FABULOUS! I swear the VS show amazes me every year, from the models, to the costumes, to the runway, to the artists. Everything about this show is just so Amazing :) I enjoyed every bit of it, can you believe Alessandra has been doing the show for 11 years! Her first show was in 2000. And Miranda Kerr who just had her baby looks absolutely stunning! She is 28 years-old and her son is not even a year old yet, he's 10 months. These women are truly hard working women. It takes a lot of work to be a Victoria's Secret Model, the amount of work and pressure they put on they're bodies to look flawless is just inspiring.

However I do have to say one thing, Girls you cannot look at these women and think I want my body to look like that, it is almost impossible to have that. These women, it's their job to workout and be fit for this show, a girl with a normal life, going to school or work can never keep up with the amount of workout a model does. Unless you stay at home, have a personal trainer for lets say 6 months then I guess you can say it's do-able. I'm just stating the facts and want you to see that that type of fit is unreal in our world. Now I'm not discouraging you from working out either, you can still workout and have a fabulous body, just make sure you keep in mind that model fit is not what you might get. I think being determined will give you what you want. Even if you're working or going to school or whatever it may be, if you are determined to workout everyday then it is possible and do-able and you will achieve results, believe me I have tried it and am not disappointed. I think this applies to everything else in life and not just working out, an individual that is hard-working and determined to succeed, will not stop till they do and they will get what they want.

I went on a bit of a ramble there didn't I? lol I know I just kinda contradicted myself there hehe but I have many thoughts and am trying to put them all out there :p Moving along here are some of my fav moments from the show including illustrations of the costumes, there were too many as I have already mentioned how fabulous this show was, I really tried to condense my choices, you can see the rest of the outfits by watching the show, I have posted the video below. I also think I have decided that Miranda Kerr is my favorite Angel :) Although I also like Behati and Candice, I guess I just named my Top 3!

My Favorite Angel wearing my favorite costume from the show :)

Stilettos Diary: Surprise Giveaway.

Check Out Stilettos Diary: Surprise Giveaway.:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Reach Couture - CwR - The Official Blog of Couture within Reach: New Year 2012 Giveaway: ALEXANDER WANG JADE Leathe...

Reach Couture - CwR - The Official Blog of Couture within Reach: New Year 2012 Giveaway: ALEXANDER WANG JADE Leathe...: Retail Price $795! Win it for FREE! *No Purchase Necessary. Open Worldwide . Prize will be shipped from NYC, USA. Contest expires on Ma...

My Colorful Winter Outfit

Hey Luvies,

Check out my colorful winter outfit! Just cuz it's winter doesn't mean u can't be colorful ;)

Also Check out my friends' jeans, I think they're both really stylish and cool and just had to share! I love jeans that have something different, either detail on the bottom or the top. I love the buttons on the side, so cute! And the black side is to die for! And it's kinda high waist too! LOVE

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