Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Beauty Trends 2011 - Nails

One thing I like to do in my free time is change the color of my nail polish, but sometimes it's hard to decide what color to choose. What color is in? What mood am I in? Do I want a bright color or do I want a dark color? What's trending right now is ICE CREAM COLORS! Not just in nails but in clothes too (next blog post lol). Ice cream colors such as the ones below are fun, colorful and perfect for spring. They're colorful but not too bright, bold or wild. Perfect for just the right amount of color. Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear nail polish, sold in supermarkets like Walmart; offers a variety of colors including ice cream colors. Below are a few colors I compiled together to make what I consider ice cream colors.  

So next time you're in the dilemma of what color should I paint my nails?.. Think Ice Cream Colors! 

With Love, Reem

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