Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest Blogger Meghavarshini from Stilettos Diary

Hey Luvies,

We're having our first ever Guest Blogger post! For those of you not familiar with what a guest blogger post is, it's actually a post from another blogger that gets posted on your blog, you basically switch blog posts. I've been wanting to do a guest blogger post for a while now and thanks to the lovely Megha from Stilettos Diary, it was possible :) Check out her post below and head on over to her blog here to see my post on her blog!

Take it away Megha...

Hello everyone. My name is Meghavarshini (yes very long name! :( for those wondering why I have been blessed with such a long name is because it means rain and my father loves the rain). I am a fashion blogger from Bangalore, India. My blog is called Stilettos Diary. (My passion for collecting footwear inspired me to name my blog Stilettos Diary)

I love fashion. My passion for fashion made me start my own blog. My clothes are a reflection of my personality – quirky, elegant, simple and yet fashionable.I do not like to fill my closet. I feel fashion is an art and I like to reuse all the clothes in my closet to the fullest to create new looks.

 I am a huge fan of primary colors especially red. Most of my looks have a tinge of red. 

My favorite items from my closet are - my hidesign bag, zebra print pumps, faux snakeskin bag, Red peacoat, red pumps (I am totally a shoe fanatic) , faux fur vest , green cardigan and my mustard top.

Thanks Reem for being patient and for this wonderful opportunity. Hope you guys like my favorite picks from my wardrobe and the photos.

Please do check out my blog

 I would love to know your opinion about my blog and my looks. :) 

Loads of love,


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tres jolie


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