Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I Wore - My 1st Winter Outfit

Hey Luvies,

Just wanted to share with you my 1st winter outfit, it finally started getting cold here in Bahrain so it was time for me to dress accordingly :) Black, Blue and a POP of Pink ;) 

I was also excited to Finally use my new M.A.C Lipstick! I bought it beginning of this month but haven't had a chance to really put it on cuz its such a flashy Barbie Pink, but with this outfit.. totally acceptable =D 

Show Orchid from M.A.C Limited Edition - Cindy Sherman Collection

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rihanna collaborates with Armani

Rihanna has teamed up with Emporio Armani underwear and Armani jeans for her first fashion collection. The 23-year-old has created a capsule collection comprising of denim and lingerie featuring her R logo and the fashion house's signature label, reports The collection includes biker jackets, a canvas rucksack, two styles of jeans, t-shirts and lace underwear in navy blue and pearl grey shades. "I probably see a lot of menswear, or something extremely, extremely feminine. But I like to play with both," she said.

Isn't that exciting? Can't wait to see what they will look like!

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving - Airs Thursday 11/24 at 9:30pm ET/8:30pmCT on ABC

Check it out there is going to be a Gaga special this Thursday on ABC (for our US readers) A Gaga Thanksgiving. I just found out about this but think it's cool and I cannot wait to watch the rerun, just take a look at the trailer below! Why did she get emotional? I wanna know!! lol

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Audio)

Can I just express how much I'm loving Rihanna's New Album :) I haven't gotten it yet but just listening to the songs on youtube I'm beyond excited to get it n play it in my car! Rihanna's last 2 albums were great n this one is no different. If you're a Rihanna fan I suggest you go out and buy her CD I know it's already out in the US but I haven't checked if it's out in the Middle East yet, but you can get it on iTunes for $12.99. This song is one of my fave's from the album.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Miami Art walk

Wynwood Art Walk 2011

Hello my gorgeous people!
          Known for its underground art community, Wynwood Art District Miami is home to hundreds of art galleries, starving street artists, Miami Funk fashion week, live entertainers, music venues, and hundreds of other art and culture events that are held every year here. Thankfully, the district celebrates its art culture by throwing a bloc party every second saturday of every month known as "Miami Art Walk". On this particular night, it doesn't matter if you drive a Benz or peddle a 1983 Schwinn to the event, art lovers come from all over with diverse cultures and lifestyles to celebrate. Whether to buy, sell, network, discover, promote, admire or simply grab free alcohol and ice cream, Wynwood's Art walk bloc party does it all in one night. Finally found the perfect opportunity to go with my photographer friend and hit the streets of Wynwood. It was a night full of inspiration and admiration for those who put their passion before anything. Not to mention, the incredible mix of great fashion of art goers. Check out the pics!  
With Love,

grimy masterpiece
a warm welcome with cocktails
hand made street credit
The ever changing Wynwood walls

art of fashion 

metallic gold jackets caught my eye

                                              i <3 graffiti !

Music x Art <3 

 art boutique x hand made everything

with a dash of cubanism 

table made of spray cans! 

loved this one
loved the arab feel to it 

wondering eye 
a close up ;) 

For Audrey

Didn't have time to blog today so to make up for it here's a picture of Audrey Hepburn that I took. I love the vintage touch I added.. Enjoy :p

With Love, Reem

Sunday, November 20, 2011

MAC Viva Glam 2012 Campaign Unveiled

So earlier this month I posted about how Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are the new faces for MAC's Viva Glam 2012 Campaign. I told you how they were in Miami shooting for the campaign, well we finally have one of the pictures of the campaign! Check it out.

I love how colorful the picture is! The graffiti, the neon, the PINK! Now there will be 2 lipsticks coming out February 2012 and they will both be in the Pink shades. I cannot wait to get my hands on them. P.S. Febraury is my birthday month so that's even more exciting (hint hint for anyone hesitant on what to get me for my birthday :p haha)

With Love, Reem 

BahrainiPRENEUR Wrote about our Blog!

Hey Guys,

I'm so happy that Bahrainipreneur decided to write a post on 2broads1city! Bahrainipreneur is a blog focused on writing about different talents in Bahrain and they decided to write about 2broads1city! I was so excited when I found out and couldn't wait for the post to be published. You can check out the post here. Thank You again Bahrainipreneur! :) 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stylish Little Girls

Hello Luvies,

So this Friday at Granny's my little cousins were wearing cute stylish little outfits that I just had to take a pic of them and show you. I just love it when I see little girls with stylish clothing on. Now the clothes aren't high fashion or anything but I think it's cute that these little girls have a sense of fashion at a young age. The outfits are stylish but still have a touch of childhood. Take a look!

I really like her capris, its not just a regular jeans capris, the gathering in the front and the elastic on the bottom.

and here is the touch of childhood, Hello Kitty haha so cute :p 

 This is the other outfit and my favorite!! :p its sooo cute ahh the pants, the shirt, the colors, this little girl is just the little fashionista right here, gotta give credit to her mom too for dressing her. But seriously I love this outfit. the frills and style and the baggy pants, just the cutest thing to see on a little girl :)

Natural Poser ;) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DVF comes to south beach!

Hello my gorgeous people! 
      To continue our admiration of Diane Von Furstenberg's summer/spring collection 2012, I want to share her live fashion show at Bal Harbour's Saks in South Beach while she was visiting earlier this month. Beautiful models strided and posed through the colorfully decorated store while the crowd mingled and enjoyed drinks and appetizers. While she sat in the center of the platform, she shared a few words with her fans about her journey as a fashion designer and what it really took for her to be the woman she is today. I was fortunate enough to say a few words to her after shoving my way through large purses and tip toeing through stiletto pumps. DVF SS2012 collection is youthful and modern with vintage inspiration from a mixture of decades of great fashion!

music and Vodka to loosen things up

DVF Spring shoes and bags <3

one of my favorite dresses with a racerback
beautifully embellished neckline

youthful color block for the modern woman

 pearl white shimmer cropped jacket + shoulder purse..<3 

color balance <3 

more sushi please :)

DVF checking out her models 

love this dress. White and orange is perfect spring combo

showing off my outfit ^_^

Snagged one!

inspirational words from DVF <3

Love, Nikki

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