Saturday, December 3, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 & Costume Illustrations

Watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and all I can say is one word FABULOUS! I swear the VS show amazes me every year, from the models, to the costumes, to the runway, to the artists. Everything about this show is just so Amazing :) I enjoyed every bit of it, can you believe Alessandra has been doing the show for 11 years! Her first show was in 2000. And Miranda Kerr who just had her baby looks absolutely stunning! She is 28 years-old and her son is not even a year old yet, he's 10 months. These women are truly hard working women. It takes a lot of work to be a Victoria's Secret Model, the amount of work and pressure they put on they're bodies to look flawless is just inspiring.

However I do have to say one thing, Girls you cannot look at these women and think I want my body to look like that, it is almost impossible to have that. These women, it's their job to workout and be fit for this show, a girl with a normal life, going to school or work can never keep up with the amount of workout a model does. Unless you stay at home, have a personal trainer for lets say 6 months then I guess you can say it's do-able. I'm just stating the facts and want you to see that that type of fit is unreal in our world. Now I'm not discouraging you from working out either, you can still workout and have a fabulous body, just make sure you keep in mind that model fit is not what you might get. I think being determined will give you what you want. Even if you're working or going to school or whatever it may be, if you are determined to workout everyday then it is possible and do-able and you will achieve results, believe me I have tried it and am not disappointed. I think this applies to everything else in life and not just working out, an individual that is hard-working and determined to succeed, will not stop till they do and they will get what they want.

I went on a bit of a ramble there didn't I? lol I know I just kinda contradicted myself there hehe but I have many thoughts and am trying to put them all out there :p Moving along here are some of my fav moments from the show including illustrations of the costumes, there were too many as I have already mentioned how fabulous this show was, I really tried to condense my choices, you can see the rest of the outfits by watching the show, I have posted the video below. I also think I have decided that Miranda Kerr is my favorite Angel :) Although I also like Behati and Candice, I guess I just named my Top 3!

My Favorite Angel wearing my favorite costume from the show :)

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