Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Trend Update

H&M's Fall Collection is out and in stores now! I always look forward to H&M's collections, they have all the latest styles and trends at reasonable prices that everyone can afford. Their Fall Collection contains Bold Colors and Edge and Im so excited that I just had to share it with you guys. Below are pictures from the collection, these items are a few of my fav ones so far.

Their Collections are broken down into different categories, below is the more Edgy collection I just LOOOVE that Blue and Orange are IN for Fall as well and not just Summer. Royal Blue and Orange are my fav colors to wear at the moment ( I think this is the third time I tell you guys this, but its true! ) 

Blue Dress AMAZING
Such a stylish outfit! I need those pants
I posted this photo for the Orange little sweater on the right, I'm definitely adding that piece to my wardrobe :)
and they have it in Blue too! see I told you Orange and Blue are in for Fall :p
The Subtle Neutrals are up next!
Still a hint of Orange on the Vest on the Left

And that's all I have for you.. for now :) Remember when you're out Fall Shopping that Blue's and Orange's are In! Happy Shopping

With Love, Reem


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion Beats

           I know I'm not the only one when I confess to head banging in the morning as I raid my closet and completely demolish my vanity department. This is a great way to release creative energy and let the dynamism of music inspire your look. Keeping a well-rounded genre of music in your itunes or MP3 helps diversify your style. From acoustic indie-rock inspiring delicate button-ups with faded jeans, to bubbly pop inspiring shimmer-embellished tunics and short skirts, great tunes can lead to great fashion! Today, I was feeling a bit edgy and powerful while I was jamming to  Kid Cudi’s rubbish rock track, "No one believes me" from his long anticipated rock album, Wizard (not released yet).  This dark rock beat gives you a sense of musical “high” with a nightmarish ambiance. This beat alone, inspired the melancholic color-combo of Grey’s, Brown’s, and forest Green’s and of course, combat boots! 
Combat boots - Aldo
high-waisted shorts - Urban Outfitters
Paris V-neck - Express

Enjoy this Head Banger by Cudi !

                                                                     With Love,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From Summer Day to Summer Night!

Hello my gorgeous people!

    This floral romper is one of my favorite pieces to throw on when I want to look cute without giving my outfit too much thought. In 90 degree weather, it does magic for practical and fashionable purposes. If you're obsessed with hats (like me!), adding a ubiquitous piece of accessory can alter your look 180 degrees. Sometimes if i'm already out and don't have time for a full outfit change, bringing a blazer and my favorite heels along for the ride helps me be prepared for just about anything. From a summer day romper to a summer night romper (or any day to night outfit), simply adding darker colors and statement jewelry to your playful look transforms it to a Thursday night getty. Now, you're ready to go downtown for a Martini or grab some coffee with some friends. There is nothing more sexy than a girl that rocks a couple masculine pieces to a girly ensemble.
simply summer 

"Mr. Hyde" on summer nights

                                                                           With Love,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Cover Shoot in Malibu

While waiting for Keeping Up with The Kardashians to buffer on my laptop, I came across these pictures of Kim that I just had to share with you guys. 2 Weeks ago Kim Kardashian headed to Malibu, California and posed at a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar Arabia issue. She wore a Gorgeous Star print Yellow dress and Big Golden and Black Star earrings. She also tweeted about the shoot saying: "Huge cover shoot today!!! I am soooo excited for this one! ... It's my 1st cover for the Middle East! Sooo major!" 

I didn't know that this was her first cover shoot for the Middle East. When Kim started getting famous I swore that she was Arab or had some Arabic genes in her. I even told my sister how I think she's Iranian changing her family name from Kardashan to Kardashian.. Alas I was wrong she is definitely Armenian lol Now although she is not Arab I'm still glad she's on the cover of an Arabian Issue Magazine. I find it weird though how Khloe was on the cover of an Arabian Issue Magazine before Kim. Khloe was on the cover of Cosmopolitan's First Ever Middle East Issue. Anywho...  

Below are some pics from the shoot, doesn't she look amazing?

aaah I love all the Starzzzz

I love how the dress looks here!

With Love, Reem

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salad boutique

For my mom's birthday dinner we went to a restaurant called salad boutique. It's a little restaurant with such a modern vintage atmosphere. They offer healthy choices of foods obviously you can tell from the name, they have salad's, sandwiches, appetizer's, juices, and desserts. As soon as I walked into the place and sat down as they handed me an iPad for a menu YES they're menu was an iPad.. I loved it! Their restaurant design is so cute and the colors of the place are some of my favorite colors. Below are a few of the pics i snapped while in there.

Isn't their logo so cute? 

Even the evian bottle looked fancy! Designed by Paul Smith

With Love, Reem
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