The Broads

Like the posts? Can you relate to the style and taste of these two broads? or maybe just one of them? Let me introduce you to the Broads behind the blog..

"Many may argue that their friendship could have been unlikely-yet still, they both found extraordinary passion for what they love"  

Reemthe Arabian/Puerto Rican Fashionista. Currently an FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) Fashion Design student. This Middle Eastern beauty grew up in an island known as The Kingdom of Bahrain. Growing up in an Arab country where reputation is everything, she grew up knowing all the latest trends and styles because her reputation depended on it. She still manages to add a touch of heritage along the way. Indulge in her fashion findings, trend updates, and random travel adventures.

Nikki, in her unique wittiness, abstract personality and her taste for vintage, grimy elegance and a newspaper, follows her dreams in style.  She carries The Sentinel right along with a Vogue magazine never undermining news of either one.  Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she has a keen interest for the lifestyle of beach combers and their bright colored beach cruisers yet still lives for the colorful city lights and all that dwells underneath them. Peek inside her World as she shares her favorite beats, photos, news, and fashion finds worth sharing. 

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