Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYFW- The Academy of Art Fashion Show

After a day of exploring the city we needed to head back to the hotel to glam n dress up for the fashion show. It was hard picking an outfit to wear since the weather was freezing cold, pantyhose and boots were a must! After dressing up and putting our coats on we headed out and into the Lincoln Center. As you walk in you see the most fashionable people all in one room. We checked our coats in and wandered around till the show started, the room was filled with different sponsors with goodies for the guests; Starbucks, Maybelline, TRESemmé, Fiji Water were among the few that were present. Each station offered something different. Starbucks was giving out free Frappuccinos, Maybelline was giving makeovers, and TRESemmé was doing hair. It was then time for the show to start! We quickly took our seats and noticed a little crowd on the runway, Miss Jay and Nigel Barker were being interviewed as fans were surrounding them to take pics. I quickly got up and joined them and you can see the pics below! 

What i didn't notice is that Marc Jacobs was also present at the show, I can't believe I didn't notice he was there at all! I only noticed as I was looking through my pictures to prepare this post for you that as I was taking a picture of a model strutting down the runway that there he was in the background, sitting front row! aaah I still can't believe i missed him, I soo would've taken a pic with him.

Anywho the show was amazing, and consisted of collections by 7 different graduates, each had their own unique style to portray. Among my favorites were Minha Yoon, Stephanie Gelot, Hurst Chang-Wei Lin, Jonathan David Baker, and Aura Taylor. You'll find pics from some of the designers below. 
This was my FAVORITE piece from the whole show! Its by Aura Taylor (Beige Wool)
I don't know who this lady is but she was dressed funny and my sis just had to take a pic with her lol
LOOOVE her dress!

After the show concluded we wandered around some more and got to contribute our own personal video message to the Fashion World Live project, it's a project worldwide where they video guests around the world during Fashion Week and allow them to give a personal message, the video is then played live on a big screen during Fashion Week around the world. How cool is that? We also got to see Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2011 Collection of Handbags before it's out!
Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 Collection

And that pretty much sums up our night at Fashion Week. Stay Tuned for my post on Day 2 of NYFW ;)

With love, Reem   

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