Sunday, September 18, 2011

NYFW - Day 2

At our last day in NYC me and my sister decided to explore the city! A whole day of walking around and taking pictures in Times Square was in store for us :) We got off the subway at a perfect spot as right in front of us was the fashion center with a HUGE needle and button, and a metal statue of a man sewing on his sewing machine... and so the photography began :p 
It then started to snow a little as we strolled down Fashion Avenue
and down New York's Fashion Walk of Fame "Fashion Walk of Fame celebrates excellence in American design by honoring the New York designers who have had a significant and lasting impact on the way the world dresses." aaah one day my name will be here :p

After some strolling and more picture taking we stopped at Starbucks to relax and rest our feet before we hit the city once again.
I had to update my tweeps on my adventure :p
We then came across a funky looking/artsy macaroon bakery/shop and since I have never had a macaroon before, I had to try one, it was soo yummy! If any of you have never tried one before, you must!
 After visiting M&M's World we entered American Eagle where we got our picture taken for our 15 seconds of fame :p Basically when you buy something from them, they take a pic of you and display it on one of the billboards in Times Square! How cool is that? 
Voila! us on a billboard haha (New York Loves Us!)
and that concludes my NYFW weekend/adventure. It was an amazing experience and I just can't wait till I'm in New York again, the city inspires you!
With Love, Reem

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