Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashions Night Out Miami 2011

Aventura Mall
Miami welcomed a new year of fashion by participating in the 3rd annual Fashion's Night Out on Thursday night by opening it's top shops to our fashion fiends. All over the world, beautifully adorned people came virtually together to celebrate our passion for fashion and our terrible need of expressing it over cocktails and retail sales. Over 75 retailers participated in this one night of complete indulgence and celebration of decades of great fashion. Me and my girlfriend, Yoshi, rated Miami's Aventura Mall as we scouted for complimentary champagne and of course, cookies! I was in a daze as the DJ spun to a Pitbull club mix in Neiman Marcus while we walked through the shoe department analyzing, critiquing and admiring stilettos like an art gallery. I tried Oh S0 HaRd not to touch them with my frost-smudged fingers from stuffing my face with bite-sized cupcakes. Seriously, whoever thought of distributing sweets to a bunch of fashion fiends ready to spurge is a genius.  Every store had their own complimentary goodies and welcomed all the fashionistas as they raided through sales. Later that night after practically overdosing on cupcakes, we showed face at the Bal Harbour shops. We figured we we'd pay tribute to the night as much as we could ^_^ . The Bal Harbour crowd was a little more high-end and photographers were scoping out any high-profile attendees. Of course, by the last half of the night, gentlemen had loosened up their silk skinny ties and ladies had an extra lean to their catwalk (alchies!). Nevertheless, it was a successful night for us.

Yoshi getting a Blo on the Go 


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