Friday, September 9, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello my gorgeous people,

I have a new found love for taking pictures from my Mac and editing them with cool effects. I seriously have a mini photo shoot with thyself whenever I feel accomplished for putting something fab together. As of late, i've been leaning towards minimal ensembles. But let's not get it twisted - I don't consider myself a 'minimalist' in regards to fashion as I do love to chicly accentuate my looks as much as possible. I swear, I think i will be some famous actress in a second life because I love to dress the part. Like if I want to be collegiate , i'll put on a vest and a skirt with some knee-highs! and In the midst of all the troubles in the world, the stressful realities of either work or school (usually, both), it's important to take advantage of the ''freedoms'' we do have. For instance, our freedom to express ourselves, whether it's fashion, music, or other means of expression should be embraced. I like to be preppy school-girl one day and athletic sporty-type the next. I have the freedom to be whoever i want to be and look however i want to look. What or who do you like to be?

Here's my Mac shoot with a couple of my favorite looks this past week!


high riders > low riders

hats > anything

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