Monday, September 26, 2011

Greetings from China

Nihau lovies! (Nihau is Chinese for Hello)
I'm in China :) aaah I can't believe I'm here, it's such a beautiful country, we arrived in the afternoon and after arriving to our hotel, showering n relaxing, we got ready to hit the city.

Beijing Road is like Times Square, the buildings, the rush of the people, the billboards, and the LIGHTS! I looove it, walking around and seeing all these Chinese signs is so cool! And did I mention the fashion in this place? So many fashionable women walking around, I tried to snap a pic but they're walking by too fast and since I don't really know their culture, I did not want to offend them by asking them if I can take a pic. I'll try my best to catch a quick pic the rest of my time here but for now let me just describe it for you :p there was high heels, low heels, sandals and flats, each one more fascinating than the other and most women were wearing dresses and skirts, in so many different colors it's fabulous! All the dresses were light materials like silk, chiffon and lace but the way they put it together just looks so glamorous, I really didn't know what to expect with Chinese fashion but I must say I am impressed.

My first meal here was dinner and we had sushi, I know what you're thinking Japanese cuisine in China? Lol but I had some Chinese rice so that's good right? But no it's really hard to find a good Chinese place to eat here because almost all the places only have pork and I don't eat pork so I have to settle with foods I can eat. Anywho the food was amazing and you'll notice from the pics below, also at the restaurant I noticed a girl with a crown on her head, I dunno if it was her birthday or that's just her style but as I continued to look at her, her shoes stood out to me, cute little beige low heels with shiny anklets on each side, I must have her shoes and I'm not leaving China till I find them :p I snapped a pic of the shoes but it's kinda blurry, I hope u can still see that they're cute tho.

After dinner we walked around and shopped a little then headed back to the hotel. I'll dedicate a post to all the goodies I bought when I get back. And that concludes my 1st day in China :)

With Love, Reem

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