Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Trend Update

H&M's Fall Collection is out and in stores now! I always look forward to H&M's collections, they have all the latest styles and trends at reasonable prices that everyone can afford. Their Fall Collection contains Bold Colors and Edge and Im so excited that I just had to share it with you guys. Below are pictures from the collection, these items are a few of my fav ones so far.

Their Collections are broken down into different categories, below is the more Edgy collection I just LOOOVE that Blue and Orange are IN for Fall as well and not just Summer. Royal Blue and Orange are my fav colors to wear at the moment ( I think this is the third time I tell you guys this, but its true! ) 

Blue Dress AMAZING
Such a stylish outfit! I need those pants
I posted this photo for the Orange little sweater on the right, I'm definitely adding that piece to my wardrobe :)
and they have it in Blue too! see I told you Orange and Blue are in for Fall :p
The Subtle Neutrals are up next!
Still a hint of Orange on the Vest on the Left

And that's all I have for you.. for now :) Remember when you're out Fall Shopping that Blue's and Orange's are In! Happy Shopping

With Love, Reem


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