Monday, November 21, 2011

Miami Art walk

Wynwood Art Walk 2011

Hello my gorgeous people!
          Known for its underground art community, Wynwood Art District Miami is home to hundreds of art galleries, starving street artists, Miami Funk fashion week, live entertainers, music venues, and hundreds of other art and culture events that are held every year here. Thankfully, the district celebrates its art culture by throwing a bloc party every second saturday of every month known as "Miami Art Walk". On this particular night, it doesn't matter if you drive a Benz or peddle a 1983 Schwinn to the event, art lovers come from all over with diverse cultures and lifestyles to celebrate. Whether to buy, sell, network, discover, promote, admire or simply grab free alcohol and ice cream, Wynwood's Art walk bloc party does it all in one night. Finally found the perfect opportunity to go with my photographer friend and hit the streets of Wynwood. It was a night full of inspiration and admiration for those who put their passion before anything. Not to mention, the incredible mix of great fashion of art goers. Check out the pics!  
With Love,

grimy masterpiece
a warm welcome with cocktails
hand made street credit
The ever changing Wynwood walls

art of fashion 

metallic gold jackets caught my eye

                                              i <3 graffiti !

Music x Art <3 

 art boutique x hand made everything

with a dash of cubanism 

table made of spray cans! 

loved this one
loved the arab feel to it 

wondering eye 
a close up ;) 

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