Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stylish Little Girls

Hello Luvies,

So this Friday at Granny's my little cousins were wearing cute stylish little outfits that I just had to take a pic of them and show you. I just love it when I see little girls with stylish clothing on. Now the clothes aren't high fashion or anything but I think it's cute that these little girls have a sense of fashion at a young age. The outfits are stylish but still have a touch of childhood. Take a look!

I really like her capris, its not just a regular jeans capris, the gathering in the front and the elastic on the bottom.

and here is the touch of childhood, Hello Kitty haha so cute :p 

 This is the other outfit and my favorite!! :p its sooo cute ahh the pants, the shirt, the colors, this little girl is just the little fashionista right here, gotta give credit to her mom too for dressing her. But seriously I love this outfit. the frills and style and the baggy pants, just the cutest thing to see on a little girl :)

Natural Poser ;) 

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