Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Favorites from Versace for H&M

Hola Luvies!

With the Versace for H&M collection launching in stores soon I thought I would share with you my favorite pieces. First of all I am not totally in love with the collection but then again I've never really been a big fan of Versace, I don't know its something about the extreme use of gold. What I do like is their color choices and some of the patterns used. Anywho I have compiled the photos in a slideshow since they're too many to post all here. I have also included after the slideshow a few of my not so favorites and why. Take a look!

This piece below is one of my not so favorites. The cheetah print, the gold and the beach scenery in the middle is just NOT doing it for me. Honestly it's tacky and looks like something a hooker would wear lol

 Now as skirt it's not so bad, however I'm still not sure if I would actually wear it.

This piece I'm not sure how I feel about, I do like the colors though.

 and the final piece is this skirt, I kinda like it but then again it gives me a Betsey Johnson feeling.

and those are my thoughts on Versace for H&M. For prices and a closer view click here.

 With Love, Reem

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