Monday, November 7, 2011

Arab Fashion

Hello Luvies!
The much anticipated Arab Fashion post is finally here. I've been asked to post about Fashion in the Middle East, outfits that these fashionable women wear, and after much photo taking, I think I have a good amount of pictures for this post! Arab Fashion is not your ordinary fashion, the way we dress in the Middle East is a mix of fashion from different parts of the world, you have your casual chick, you have your classy chick, and you have your dressy chick, yet all these chicks still manage to add a touch of the Arab culture to their outfit, be it the hair or the makeup or the accessories, the bag, even the shoes. I have compiled a few of some of the AMAZING outfits that my friends and family have worn throughout these past 2 months and I'll keep taking pics, I'll try to make this a monthly post because I really enjoyed being on the lookout for fashionable outfits for the blog :) And now without further ado here are the pics!!



Aren't the outfits FAB? I really hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more Arab Fashion posts! 
With Love, Reem ;)

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Rahel Stephanie said...

Hi there! Fabulous blog!
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