Monday, November 14, 2011

DVF Shirt Dresses

What do you guys think of Diane Von Furstenburg's Shirt Dresses? I absolutely LOVE them! They're the perfect thing to own because its a shirt and a dress. The ways you can wear this item is ENDLESS, beach dress, beach cover up, summer dress. I love the length too, its the kind of shirt that you can wear with tights. Also its a perfect piece because any girl can wear it, I'm talking about covered girls, they can easily wear this with jeans, its loose and long sleeves. These kind of pieces are the kind of pieces I like, when designers create a piece of clothing that becomes Universal in a sense. Any girl from any part of the world can find it fashionable and can find a way to wear it in her country. Winter or Summer this piece will be available for you to wear and the patterns and colors that they come in are super cute!

SHOES! pop of orange for the trend ;)

This one is My FAV!  love the pattern :)
Love these shoes too, lime green is such a good color!
 Can you tell I'm a little DVF obsessed? :p haha but it's true this designer is one of my favorites and I enjoy her designs. I haven't added all the pieces, so for a closer look at the pieces and for prices click here.  

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