Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beat the Heat!

Hello my gorgeous people!

       Most of you may be experiencing this heat wave sweeping across the country, but that doesn't mean you can't beat it. I know 100-degree weather is pretty intimidating (especially here in Miami), but there are still ways you can outsmart the heat and look nevertheless, fabulous. Here are some must-haves when it comes to battling with the scorching heat!

1. unscented sun protection! This Aveeno hydrosport is really light weight and will block those intense sun rays from burning your skin regardless of complexion color.  They also have a light-weight facial one that is 30 SPF.

2. A great accessory to optimize your whole look is some head gear. A hat serves it's dual purpose of protecting your face and sealing your swag! Depending on your style, choose your favorite kind of hat and make it your best friend this summer. This is one that you'll see everywhere but still one of my favorites!

3. If it's one material that is absolutely essential in my closet each summer, is Linen! Not only does it let my body breathe but it's very flattering too. You can dress Linen up or down with adding the right accessories. Some other great materials trending are crotchet and chiffon!
4.  I have a thing for dressing up my water bottles in cute sleeves and snagging thermals with abstract prints. For weather that would probably melt your rubber soles right into the cement your walking on, it's crucial to stay hydrated. Of course, as fashionistas, we can't just walk around with a blue label of Zephyrhills. Thank God someone thought of us. You can drink your preferred water (spring, purified, sparkling, tap) from a thermal with your favorite patterns and art on them. Here are some of my favorite kinds!

5. Let's not forget about fighting back the humidity with some great protection for our hair. During extreme weather changes and aggression, our hair gets beat up and we end up looking like Cramer from Seinfeld. Whether it's straight, curly, thick or thin, it definitely needs to be protected. This product by Kerastase is awesome. It's a little costly but when it comes my hair, I can't really put a cap on it. Nevertheless, whatever hair brand you follow religiously, make sure it protects from hair-damaging conditions. Also, instead of a regular pony tail, try a side braid to lock up your hair from the weather :)

With Love,

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