Friday, January 6, 2012

Lamya's Oil Tips

Hello Luvies,

So my friend Lamya has been tweeting about different oils she uses for face and hair, I have only tried one of the tips n it worked! So here I am sharing with you her tips! Let me know if you tried any of the tips n how it worked for you :) also if you'd like you can follow her on twitter @Lamya

1.  This for my hair, you can find it in any supermarket. Nourishes and smoothes hair cuticles

2.  For my face. More expensive almond oil. Good for complexion, removal dark circles+blemishes! You can find this oil from NatureValley in Juffair, "I had such bad skin! I would use it every 4-5 days but now I've improved so once every 2 weeks maybe" - Lamya

Apply it on for at least an hour or 30 min. massage it (upwards) then I wash it with my organic papaya+soy face wash!

3.  And of course this for your eyelashes!! You can also use it on your eyebrows (I've use this on my eyebrows to make them grow faster cuz I wanted to thicken my eyebrows n this definitely worked!)

4. I still use amla sometimes!almond oil is good for hair fall too&improves quality but I think coconut is better for thickening

5. Almond oil can help with the removal of dark circles under your eyes

Now Lamya is not a professional or anything these are just tips I decided were worth sharing, I haven't tried all of these like I mentioned I have only tried number 3, but these are all her words and her pictures! Thank You so much LamLam for letting me share your tips :) 

With Love, Reem

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