Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brains, Beauty and Style

Hey guys,
There is so much I would like to share with you, that I included 3 mini posts into one.  Enjoy!
Nothing is more attractive than a woman with brains, beauty and style. In the picture below you will find US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
I came across this picture a few weeks ago and I loved what the picture had to share. Both women are remarkably known for the superb work they have done through our government. What else do these two savvy women have in common other than an outstanding work ethic and good looks? STYLE! 
As you can see above, Ginsburg is wearing a blue velvet suit with blue studs, what looks like a silver necklace and matching bracelet and hair tied in a low bun. Clinton is wearing black slacks, bright blue blazer, with blue studs, thin blue bracelet, red lipstick and a low ponytail.
What’s more?  The color BLUE, RED LIPSTICK, and BUNS are IN! No matter your age you can always wear what’s in style for the season as long as it is age appropriate. So don’t let age stop you! Like the ladies above you may keep it classy and still be trendy at any age!
It’s time to network, discuss the 2012 agenda and alas discuss COLORS:
Below you will find images of [other] female political leaders who attended the State of the Union Address (SOU) in DC this past January wearing the “it colors” for the spring—bright blue, red, pink, purple and even green. 
Don’t let these ladies fool you, as they find time in their busy schedule’s to make sure their wardrobes are up to date. SOU is time for policy talk, time to discuss the year’s agenda and DC’s version of NYC’s February’s Fashion week—Fashion Day at Capitol Hill.
The First Lady wearing a royal blue cap-sleeve gown with a brooch
You can spot ladies wearing bright colored suits 
Last but not least, I celebrated Valentine’s Day at home this year to avoid the restaurant madness. Every year I try to be creative whether it’s making a scrapbook, a shadow box & such. This year I extended my creativity and incorporated it into my dinner. My boyfriend and I ordered food from our favorite Thai Restaurant in Valley Stream, Seeda, and enjoyed each other’s company.
I baked a milk chocolate cake with caramel filling, vanilla frosting topped with sugar sprinkles and hearts. I set my home coffee table as our dinner table and filled it with heart-shaped candles, BE MINE napkins, XOXO confetti and pink and red rhinestones…and last but not least my favorite GODIVA STRAWBERRIES COVERED IN CHOCOLATE!!! –thanks boo J

Stay tuned for my next posts on The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Fashion—tips on what to wear to work or for an interview and a 411 on makeup—and Be Fit Be Happy—a list of recommended workouts, snacks to eat throughout your work day, and even some fashion tips for your gym wardrobe! ;)



JM said...

Great insight! I am looking forward to next week's post! :)

DUH said...

I totally agree with what you said about blue being in because I love that color and I think it matches everyone. You can't go wrong. Even though I don't think that the red lipstick matches me, I should def try it.

and BTW - you and your bf are adorableee <3

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