Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From Summer Day to Summer Night!

Hello my gorgeous people!

    This floral romper is one of my favorite pieces to throw on when I want to look cute without giving my outfit too much thought. In 90 degree weather, it does magic for practical and fashionable purposes. If you're obsessed with hats (like me!), adding a ubiquitous piece of accessory can alter your look 180 degrees. Sometimes if i'm already out and don't have time for a full outfit change, bringing a blazer and my favorite heels along for the ride helps me be prepared for just about anything. From a summer day romper to a summer night romper (or any day to night outfit), simply adding darker colors and statement jewelry to your playful look transforms it to a Thursday night getty. Now, you're ready to go downtown for a Martini or grab some coffee with some friends. There is nothing more sexy than a girl that rocks a couple masculine pieces to a girly ensemble.
simply summer 

"Mr. Hyde" on summer nights

                                                                           With Love,

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