Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out of Hibernation

Hello Luvies,

Now that Spring semester is over and summer is finally here I guess I can come out of hibernation and blog again :) No but seriously my life was hectic, stressful, some sleep that turned into no sleep then finals, finals, FINALS and then I was done lol. Crazy roller coaster ride but I'm glad to say that I survived my first semester of Fashion School wohooo! If that doesn't call for a celebration then I don't know what does lol

So to celebrate I jumped on the "Let's Explore NYC" bus and started to explore this amazing city. Ok there isn't such a bus, I just made it up, but you get the picture. I started first exploring my new neighborhood yup you read that right I moved to a quieter, cleaner area of the city and below are my explorations

Sea Port 
Brooklyn Bridge 

China Town

Dinkies! = Yummy pancake cake things with different delicious toppings, If you happen to be in NYC and in Canal Street you must give it a try!

This was just Day 1 of exploring, stay tuned for my other exploration posts :)

With Love, Reem

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