Monday, June 4, 2012

Hamptons, French Toast and a Beautiful Horse

Hello Luvies,

So for Memorial Day Weekend my friend Lin invited me to go to the hamptons with her, it was a beautiful day out, thank god it did not rain and we had a great time, a lil tanner :p Now we didn't take much pics as we were enjoying ourselves most of the time but the few (4) pics we took are below

Isn't it lovely?

My weekend then consisted of an amazingly HUGE french toast which I can without a doubt say was DELICIOUS! =D I had brunch with a couple of my friends at Norma's in Le Parker Meridien Hotel and let me tell you, you haven't had a proper brunch till you've had it at Norma's. This place has amazing food and all of their dishes look amazing, I was contemplating between the Nutella Flapjacks or the Crunchy French Toast and after asking the waiter's opinion I'm glad I went with the Crunchy French Toast, it was so good with what seemed like rice krispies to make it crunchy and a caramel sauce which tasted just like maple syrup aaah it was soo good! I'm actually salivating right now while typing this :p I mean just take a look for yourself..

My weekend ended with a carriage ride around central park from a beautiful horse which I got to feed and take cute pics with :)

Kids playing with Bubbles
Music <3 

Peace out till my next post!
With Love, Reem


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