Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Updates for 2B1C!

Hey Luvies,

Just a quick update on whats new for 2broads1city. Since I'm really and I mean REALLY busy with fashion school, I won't have as much time to blog so while at lunch with my friend Lin, she told me how she wanted to share some fashion tips on some type of blog, and voila! She has now become a 2broads1city contributor! She has prepared a post below introducing herself, another quick update though, I will be posting FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) Fashion Outfit posts along with my monthly Arab Fashion posts so you can see how fashion students dress over here, Ive been collecting pictures so hopefully by the end of the month I'll be posting them so stay tuned! :)

And now back to Lin..

Hey guys,

I’m Lin Reem’s friend. I met Reem through my best friend Giselle who I have known for 12 years. While out to lunch the other day at Caliente Cab Co., I mentioned to Reem that I would like to start sharing my ideas and thoughts through some type of blog. It so happened that she was looking for a contributor for her blog and HERE I AM!

About me: I am Colombian and from Lebanese descendant. I live in New York and have traveled around the world and I plan to continue my travels. I am an OPTIMIST at heart. I absolutely love to shop, eat and make desserts, try new restaurants, create arts and crafts (YES you read correctly! I make scrapbooks and all that fun stuff), work out and take Zumba classes, and I absolutely enjoy learning random facts.

As a young woman in the Real Estate industry of NYC and prominent attorney in the making, I enjoy the nitty gritty aspects of Corporate America and our Democracy. As a contributor of 2broads1city, I plan to combine both my creative interests—shopping, crafting, eating, fashion, and fact finding—and career-oriented interests into one. I will add a touch of style with fashion tips for working city ladies of all ages, health tips, hot spots to visit around NYC and out of NYC, list of books that you could read, info. about events, associations that you could join and of course pictures…plenty of pictures!

I am sure there are many women who have similar interests as mine, so why not blog about it!:)

Remember: Us nerdy girls who work behind a cubicle enjoy all the “girly stuff” too.

Below are pictures of some crafts I have put together and of things I like:

Centerpiece I crafted for my graduation dinner: SKY IS THE LIMIT! 

Graduation Cap decorations I owe the L and Crown to Reem

My favorite pair of Christian Loubs—Online Exclusive ;)

A scrapbook I am working on for my baby cousin.

One of my favorite picture quotes--motivation! 

Sprinkles’ Cupcakes.

I look forward to sharing my first post with you guys on BRAINS, BEAUTY and STYLE-- a post on how women leaders (LIKE YOU ;) ) can be trendy and maintain their professional trademark.


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