Thursday, January 12, 2012

VIDEO - The MakeUp Manual's Day or Evening Eye look

Ok This has been in drafts for a while.. finally posting it :p but I was so excited when The MakeUp Manual posted her first ever video on youtube! =D

The MakeUp Manual has been tweeting for a while and she tweets everything beauty and makeup related, if you're not already following her I suggest you do so asap! :p @TheMakeupManual

And if you haven't checked out her video, check it out below! She teaches you how to do a simple Day or Evening Look with warm shades :) Warm, neutral subtle shades are totally in for 2012, It's all about the nudes!

After seeing this video and reading many blogs and sites saying how neutral shades is one of the beauty trends for 2012, I've been looking at Urban Decay's Naked Palette's, I WANT ONE lol I don't think both are necessary since some colors are the same but I have nooo idea which one I wanna get :/ I like 1 cuz it has gold tones and the blue-ish metallics but 2 has neutrals that I like aaaaaah I dunno which one to pick. I'm thinking maybe the 1 cuz it has more gold tones and I don't really have gold toned shadows or blue-ish colors. hmm I'll think about it for a while before I decide which one to get lol

P.S. We're doing our First Ever Giveaway so make sure you enter! The prize is GORGE ;)

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