Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady Gaga on Vogue's March Issue

Hello my gorgeous people!

Has anyone got their hands on the Vogue March issue yet? I know it's pretty early but I couldn't help but comment on the amazing spreads. With a cotton-candy colored bob, Gaga is draped in some of the most chic and bold and sophisticated names on the runway. I think I might just make a collage of this issue for all the amazing spreads. Lady Gaga sheds a little more light on her past and the story behind her cult that she refers to as "little monsters". As much as lady Gaga freaks me out sometimes, she sets herself apart by using her persona, fashion statements and music to send a message. She is good at what she does and Vogue couldn't have picked a more appropriate figure for their issue. This is a must-pickup on the way home!

With Love,

1 comment:

Kiera N. said...

these photos are AMAZINGGG I'm a huge gaga fan!

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